Empower the management and performance of your company.

Organizations are inserted in a very competitive market and thus, it is mandatory to seek greater efficiency. TOTVS Consulting, through its solutions, targeted at company performance, provides methodologies focused on implementing solutions for maximizing the performance of your company.

Our solutions for your company


Shared Service Center - implementation and evolution

The implementation of a Shared Service Center (SSC) provides benefits to the company management model with reduction in administrative costs, improved quality of in-house services and the creation of a growth platform.

TOTVS Consulting has proven experience in the implementation and matured evolution of the Shared Service Center (SSC). Our cutting edge difference is applying best management practices of a Complete SSC, considering the culture, operational characteristics, and strategic planning of each company.

We have a broad-based and flexible methodology for capturing all the benefits from the SSC model quickly and sustainably, in an implementation or empowering of the SSC. Our approach is targeted towards building, implementing, and stabilizing the SSC together with the client, in order to assure the expected benefits from implementation.

In cases of companies that have already implemented a SSC, we perform diagnostics in order to evaluate adherence to operating best market practices and corporate strategic drivers, mapping opportunities for improvements as to improve the currently implemented company model.

TOTVS Consulting has already implemented over 40 SSC projects in large companies and varied market segments, and different strategic goals.


(M&A) Mergers and Acquisitions–(PMI) – Post Merger Integration)

Process adaptation (core and backoffice), policies and systems, so the acquired company operates 100% integrated to the acquiring company, thereby accelerating obtained synergy among companies. Provide support in carrying out activities for taking over control and integrating in 100 days. Preparation and carrying out the complete integration plan.


Guidelines Management (GM)

The purpose of the Guideline Management methodology (GM) is to unfold the strategic planning of your company into priority guidelines on a short-term basis. We understand the success of a company is not just drafting strategic planning, but real success is proven when all the managers put the plan into effect, no matter what their hierarchical level may be.

TOTVS Consulting performs the unfolding of guidelines derived from strategic planning, transforming them into targets for all managers, with a clear and direct relationship to operational, tactical, and strategic indicators.

Through this unfolding methodology and training of all impacted managers, TOTVS Consulting makes the difference due to its support approach of the model for following up targets, always seeking to improve the indicators and quest for results.

The managers become owners of their indicators and, by means of a periodic follow up systematic approach, it is possible to evaluate abnormalities and correct them through an action plan.


Feasibility Study

This is a complete methodology for a feasibility study to measure the attractiveness of diverse types of projects. There is an executive perspective, which requires diverse products based on market metrics, such as: Project Financial Flow, Financial Metrics (IRR, Payback, and NPV), Investment Estimates and Balance Point in Operation Studies, among others.


Budget and Expense Matrix Management

In an economic scenario, where the rationalization of costs is becoming increasingly important, the operationalization and control of short term budget targets, linked to medium and long term planning arising from strategic guidelines, have become a constant challenge for companies.

TOTVS Consulting, offers Budget Planning and Expense Matrix Management EMM), seeks to help companies manage revenues, costs, and expenses.

Besides this, we understand that controlling and reducing General and Administrative Expenses (GAE) is one of the main subjects on the agenda for overcoming these challenges.

The Expense Matrix Management (EMM) methodology at TOTVS Consulting is based on the management model of packages and responsible people making it possible for managers to standardize, control, and reduce expenses, generating greater transparency and effectiveness in the utilization of financial resources in your company.


Adaptation to tax liabilities

The Brazilian government has been controlling the SPED system since 2009 and launched a series of digital taxation obligations, requiring adherence by companies, such as SPED Contábil (Accounting) (ECD) and Fiscal (EFD), as well as more recent liabilities, such as "Bloco K" (K Block), "Escrituração Contábil Fiscal' (Tax Accounting Records), eSocial, and eFinanceira (Financial).

TOTVS Consulting helps its clients to not only evaluate the quality of the information from the company regarding adherence to taxation rules, but also make adjustments in processes and required systems in order to guarantee the integrity of data. Issues, such as absence and fragility in controlling processes, unregistered information in the system, record inconsistency, among other items, which require consideration, in order to avoid fines and penalties.

Other problems, such as manual ledger bookkeeping, missing integration among the purchase, financial, accounting, and taxation systems or nonconformities in production orders and produced items, inventory, and input and output transfers or even nonconformities in actual stock and taxation documents can also be addressed through our work methodology.