Make your Supply Chain strategically different

In the midst of an uncertain macroeconomic scenario and lower demand trends, a lean, agile, and flexible supply chain can make the competitive difference.

TOTVS Consulting, through its methodologies and good market practices, performs diagnostics, designs, and implementation of solutions for planning your supply chain, purchasing, production, inventory, logistics, and sales.

Our solutions for your company


Supply Chain Maturity Diagnostics

The goal is to develop a Master Plan for the Supply Chain that is aligned to your company's strategic planning. The plan is based on a methodology that evaluates the maturity level of your supply chain while comparing it to good planning, stock management, supplies, manufacturing, and logistics practices.

The diagnostics analyze processes, technology, and management.


Logistics Grid Strategies

The purpose is to define the logistic scenario for the best optimization of costs and investments: service level, operational risks, flexibility, etc. Depending on the business model, factory units, distribution centers, cross docking points, and other factors for consideration.

Companies have revised the grid increasingly more frequently, seeking to quickly respond to business needs, which can be linked to the service level, service support channel, costs, or expansion.


The Costs of Serving

This methodology focuses on the costs of serving clients. Through apportionment and reflections of the actual consumption of the value chain, we create a statement that explains in detail how the products and clients impact company profit.

This information is then turned into a plan of action for improvements including: increased profit, reduction in service needed for client or product, increased prices, and product discontinuit.


Integrated Supply Chain Planning

This concept is based on Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) and integrates all the value chain areas. The goal is to create a balance between the planning of demand and constraints in the supply chain. We create a unique work plan that is focused on company strategies and targets. TOTVS Consulting supports the entire process in diagnostics, design, implementation, routines, and tools.

- Collaborative Planning (CPFR) is also part of the evolution of Integrated Planning, which integrates the company planning with its key suppliers and/or clients, increments the service level, and cuts down on stock piling in the supply chain.


Stock Optimization

This Solution seeks to cut down on the total costs of stock through statistical analysis and defining an adequate service level to meet the critical product needs.

It can be applied to input stocks, semi-finished stocks, finished product stocks, and (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations) MRO.


Efficiency in Supplies

TOTVS offers two approaches:

- Transformation of Supplies focuses on optimizing processes, governance, and organizational structures. We help strategically separate bureaucratic activities increasing efficiency in different departments and reducing costs.

- Strategic Purchases provides analysis of the total cost, priorities, and reduction in costs of products and services. Results are achieved through various strategies ranging from negotiations, consolidation of volumes and supplier identification, to alternative supply models.


Integrated Transportation Management

The pressure for companies to cut costs and improve transportation service levels creates a need for strategic management. TOTVS Consulting addresses this challenge by providing integrated transportation management. The concept centers on redesigning transportation activities, identifying transportation assets and optimizing routes and cost control.

With experience implementing this model in diverse sectors, TOTVS understands how to work with diverse information systems and create strong relationships with transporters and logistic operators.


Logistic Operation Design

Seeking to increasingly streamline the customer support services of its clients, companies are challenged to find solutions for logistic bottlenecks in their plants, distribution centers, grounds, and stores, with constraints in their CAPEX and OPEX. TOTVS Consulting contributes as follows:

- Throughput maximization: optimizes the logistic operations, abiding by operational and business constraints to consolidate a prioritized action plan based on implementation facility, and returns.

- Distribution Center or Warehouse Design: TOTVS Consulting is endowed with the expertise for inserting diverse transfer and storage alternatives (ranging from traditional to innovative) in different layout scenarios, always seeking streamlined support services, operational flexibility and return on invested capital.


    Asset Management

    Implementation of a model to maximize Return on Assets - ROA). Strategic drivers, such as asset dependability, resource optimization (teams, inventory, and tools) and IT solutions (mobility and sensing), transform "maintenance" into an excellence center founded on business strategy.


    Sales staff optimization

    This solution is focused on increasing the efficiency of sales teams. Our strategies include revising processes, restructuring the organizational model, and interpreting through data analytics.

    In addition to optimizing the team performance, we provide strategies to improve the sales portfolio.