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Small and medium businesses inserted in an agile and changeable market must seek for control, profitability, and training, since growth not founded on a management model can generate losses. TOTVS Consulting is endowed with the know-how to help these organizations grow sturdily, by way of efficient expense management, maximizing performance and company processes.

Our solutions for your company


Process Models with Operational Excellence

Changes in the market demand agility to adapt and achieve the upmost harnessing of new opportunities. In order to be successful, it is essential to work with organizational structures focused on processes, to guarantee flexibility and speed in transactions. Regarding this context, our process modeling solution enables an efficient approach, based on good business practices for specific segments and focused on results.


Management by Key Performance Indicators

Knowledge of operational, economic, and financial results makes the difference in the daily life of all companies instead of only looking at one of these pillars, which can bring about wrong decisions.In this scenario, the implementation of Key Performance Indicators for Management can streamline and guide decisions more assertively.And if this is the case, using the BI tool, then we can standardize the extraction of data and facilitate the analysis of company results.


Business Expense Management

In an environment of constant changes and political instability, business expense control has become a tool for making the cutting edge difference of the company as compared to its competitors. Our Business Expense Management solution makes it possible for us to help the company prepare an optimized budget and aligned to the strategic path traced through the dissemination of the "business owner" culture and the application of a methodology based on best market practices.


Maturity Management Diagnostics

This solution guarantees enhanced understanding of the maturity level of the company. It is focused on the following pillars: results management, management of processes, personnel, technology, and better business practices. This solution guides the company efforts assertively.


Diagnostics for Accounting, Taxes, and preparation for ETA (Electronic Tax Accounting)

Due to the information technological advancement of the tax-contributor, companies have begun to adopt an unprecedented level of information transparency.Many companies still employ inadequate accounting practices and thereby face increasing assessment risks.

The TOTVS Consulting Tax and Accounting Diagnostics proposes to serve clients with fast and effective actions, reducing risks and guaranteeing that company practices are aligned to governmental requisites, yet without losing company efficiency.


PMO Training and support

Project Management (PMO) has to be present and actively performed. The involvement and training employees, exerts a strong actuation in managing due dates, costs, and risks, making all the difference in achieving success.

TOTVS Consulting trains and methodologically supports professionals, supplying models, tools, and support during the entire process, for the purpose of reducing inefficiency in project management in order to achieve results that will assure profitability to the company.


Improvements for Accounting Closing Procedures

In an environment where companies need agility in processes to generate results, quick accounting guarantees more assertive decisions. Based on this reality, TOTVS Consulting developed a solution in which, the company receives a detailed map of its fragilities in the accounting closure process, as well as a precise plan with priority actions for the regularization of the best identified opportunities.


"Bloco K" (Block K)

"Bloco K" (Block K) is a new electronic version and updated production and inventory control record book – Model 3. In order to comply with this new requisite of the Brazilian Federal Income Tax Body, TOTVS Consulting supports its clients in structuring the processes and control data in such a way as to reduce the risk of assessment through the revision of impacted processes,the data quality analysis that will be submitted and the layout revision.