Our solutions for your company

Improvement of Core Processes

TOTVS Consulting solutions can provide: estimates that are fast, agile and assertive; cost calculation of labor, equipment, and materials; flexibile data extraction and worksite monitoring, whether isolated or consolidated. Our solutions are aligned with administrative and financial processes. Our experienced consultants have access to an internal information database with management strategies so they can apply the best, tested and proven solutions from some of the largest players in the industry.

Productivity and Waste Management

As new players enter the market and profit margins become increasingly tight, this solution has become vital for organizations in this sector to achieve healthy results. Our experienced consultants employ new management techniques as well as quickly implement new tools. When seeking excellence and standardization in productivity and waste management, TOTVS Consulting a strong ally

Mobility for Notations

Looking to provide more agile, simple, and essential controls, TOTVS Consulting introduces this solution to the monitoring tool segment on the field, need for manual notations.

Portfolio Management of Receivables

One of the biggest challenges in the incorporation segment is to generate reports on receivables and default payers. We have broad-based experience in this management area along with our GoodData tool, so we can quickly transform this process and achieve significant results for your company.

PMO Project Support

The increasing complexity of Project Management has resulted in reduced team performance. PMO Investment Projects seek to reverse this scenario by employing a methodology which uses a differentiated approach in project management and focuses on the operationalization of diverse disciplines. The solution also includes the maintenance of VPL projects, extensive communication management, prevention and replies to contractual lawsuit claims, detailed monitoring of investments, and direct support in decision-making.

Contract Management

It enables complete management control of sub-contractors including advanced payments, measurements, tax withholding payments and contract deductions.Our solution makes it possible for the worksite foreman to perform metrics on what has been previously measured, when the work will be paid, which taxes are involved, and when invoices will be processed.

Front-End Loading Methodology (FEL)

The FEL methodology is based on structuring the project development steps by defining criteria on how to execute each step. It encompasses a process for the approval of Stage Gates, which assures the reevaluation of technical and economic feasibility in projects during the course of their evolution. The second framework is a guideline of good practices, PMBoK that manages costs, scope, risks, the timesheet, purchases, communication, quality, human resources, and the integration of all these segments. The two frameworks are apt to contribute a great deal in any Oil and Gas project, due to their intensive capital nature. However, in order to extract the most from each one of them, they must be interpreted and integrated through processes and tools. So, the TOTVS methodology has been developed for Intensive Capital Projects (TOPIC).

Optimization of Fleet Mobilization Indexes

TOTVS Consulting seeks to optimize fleet administration and standardize a sustainable model that brings results. We aim to resolve issues including: low levels in the availability of information for long/medium range planning; lack of standardization, frequency, and dependability of information supplied from worksites; the need for guidelines, and policies to enhance the administrative results from the fleet; high operational efforts; great risk of inconsistency among the files utilized; and among others, as these factors are involved in fleet management and are a big challenge to company profitability.

Lawsuit Claim Management

An important process that impacts the planning and expenses of all construction firms was missing due to the lack of preparation, documentation, and controls in handling lawsuit claims. Using our breadth of experience in negotiating lawsuit claims, TOTVS Consulting has launched these tools and provide our oversight to enhance your company’s financial results.