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Redefining your operational model

Typically, there are different activities carried out and integrated into teaching institutions. We understand that separating these activities increases the focus and performance of organizations and supports the growth to achieve the desired profitability. Thus, we suggest running an operational model enabling increased focus on teaching operations, through the creation of optimized support structures as to obtain maximum process efficiency, productivity, and excellence.

Shared Service Center

We have experience in all aspects of the implementation of a Shared Service Center (CSC) in the Education sector. We use a centralized model that helps with not just administrative activities, such as accounts payable, payrolls and accounting but also academic support activities (student enrollment process, academic and financial information, the enrollment process, and issuance of certificates, etc.

Teaching Center

The Teaching Center is a centralized structure that plays the role of redesigning and keeping course curriculums and teaching methodologies focused on quality, employability of the student, teaching system uniformity, and operational synergies. The main benefits derived from this structure are the transformation of knowledge into assets and guarantee the quality of the course, compliance to specific regional regulations (including a high degree of interdisciplinarity) and the creation of a unique teaching system, supported by modern technologies and rationalization of teaching costs.

Relations Center

The implementation of the Relations Center faces the challenge to guarantee the perception of quality in serving the student and reducing service costs. Its main objectives is to increase the index on immediate solutions of demands by students, enhancement of processes and systems, increased structural efficiency in services and increase the knowledge profile of the student.

Mergers and Acquisitions

As the market for education companies consolidates in Brazil, we have developed a service to support educational institutions, respecting the particularities of the integration segments of its structures. We are prepared with the knowledge to act in all phases of the merger and acquisition process, based on the necessities of the buyer as well as the seller, for the purpose of generating a win-win relation among the parties.