The Brazilian choice for consulting in the oil and gas sector

The Oil and Gas sector is expanding and large scale changes are expected in the next few years, making it necessary to run an efficient operation. With an increased need to abide by strict regulations and the pressure for more productive qualifications, TOTVS Consulting is the best option for companies throughout the entire Oil and Gas supply chain.

Our solutions for your company


Local Content

As it becomes more important for Brazilian oil and gas companies to adhere to the Brazilian standardization agency a need for greater control measures regarding local content in investments and operations has arisen.

In this context, specialized solutions for your company have emerged. The solutions are unrelated to specific market systems and enable visibility and percentage control of the local content by generating structured reports and classification of content directly from A/P invoices and diverse other functionalities. Experienced consultants are granted access to the internal knowledge network in order to employ the best solutions, which have already been tried and proven by the major players in the Oil and Gas industry in Brazil.


Intensive Capital Project Management

Project management for investments has become increasingly complex, resulting in lower team performance. Investment project PMO seeks to reverse this scenario by applying a specific methodology that uses a differentiated project management approach focused on the operationalization of diverse disciplines. This solution goes beyond that, through the maintenance of VPL projects, extensive communication management, prevention, and responding to contractual lawsuit claims, detailed follow up on investments, and direct support in decision-making.


Contract Inspection Management

As this sector becomes increasingly demanding increased the complexity of solutions and services provided, as well as the regulatory, environmental, and contract demands. Operators and other industrial companies are increasingly inspecting and monitoring signed contracts among agents. Contract Inspection and Management harness the vast experience of our consultants and the tried and proven methodology to monitor, generate, and comply with contract and regulatory demands, whether they are simpler or more complex contracts.


Oil and Gas ERP for new players

Newly emerging Oil and Gas companies depend on our specialized ERP for the Energy sector, applicable to all stages of maturity. This system is previously set up to manage adherence to fiscal, taxation, and business finance guidelines. It also helps with functionalities specific to the industry such as managing local content, Royalties, pre-formatted reports for compliance with the exploration, production, development, and requirements from government agencies.


Process Optimization

In the current scenario, it is essential for companies to achieve high productivity levels in all areas of business. For this reason, the TOTVS Energy Division offers specialized analysis of offshore operational and auxiliary processes. TOTVS uses a methodological approach created to understand auxiliary operational processes while focusing on their respective efficiency.


Critical Resource Optimization

This solution is focused on supporting the optimization of deployment of shared critical resources among diverse projects, such as rigs and vessels (PLSVs). It aims at cutting costs and increasing production and operational efficiency.


Integrated Maintenance Planning

In order to guarantee efficiency for companies in the Oil and Gas sector, TOTVS offers this proposal which encompasses the concepts of Integrated Resource Planning and Maintenance and Inspection Engineering.The goal is to optimize maintenance costs and increase operational efficiency.