Surpass goals offering great service for the population

The public sector is going through an important moment in the country: improving service and reducing costs. To help the population TOTVS | Consulting also works to improve public management, with mature recognized market practices.

Our solutions for your company


Change Management

Changes in the strategic orientation in system deployment or resulting from new ways to act are common in any organization. In order for them to be less traumatic, it is essential to have a specialized consulting service to manage the process.

Change Management solution is effective to guide and reduce risks in charges in structures, legislations and in the number of public employees starting activities or in the administration of renewals in the department's boards.


Routine Management

High requirement in the industry creates the need to manage with higher control and follow-up of generated results, especially in what concerns operational indicators and administrative effectiveness. In this context, Routine Management offers several specific solutions to meet these new demands.


Technology Solutions

The Technology Solutions resources seeks to reduce real costs, increase safety in operations and adopt better practices, such as ITIL and Cobit, through optimized reviews.The entire process is made with knowledge which already is a reference in the market, selecting IT suppliers or redesigning the organization's processes to maximize tools used in the public sector.