Our solutions for your company


Our experience can help your company purchase more adequately to meet the needs of your operation. The approach includes purchasing diagnostics, process revision, and revamping the purchasing organizational structure. The analysis procedure on the current applicable rules on purchasing is named Open To Buy (OTB), which includes purchasing policies, stock management, and among other items. We will help your company optimize purchases in order to achieve the best results and synergy with suppliers.

Supply Chain

We have a robust methodology to perform diagnostics on your supply chain, in order to uncover opportunities for improvement and generate productivity and efficiency. Such opportunities can be derived from improving processes and implementing Sales & Operations Planning solutions, advanced planning (APS), stock optimization, production planning, logistics, and distribution. Our methodology seeks to maximize your investments and implement rapid returns.

Operation Optimization

The mismatch between demand and availability of resources occurs in different parts of your operation. These range from business processes to support processes. There is an optimal balance between supply and demand, which can significantly improve and do away with bottlenecks. Our approach includes the optimization of operations utilizing mathematical models to render high returns on investment.


There are many technologies making significant changes in the business world. Social networks, big data, mobility, and cloud computing will make radical changes in the way your institution operates. Organizations that first adapt to this new reality will be innovators. We are prepared to help your company forge this new path and obtain tangible results, as to place it ahead of its competitors.


If your company is considering setting up a direct on-line sales channel, we can help you to understand the feasibility and be prepared for this challenge. Our experience can contribute to the evaluation of your investment, structuring the framework of the operation, personnel hiring support, and the implementation of the tool and design, and the implementation of the operating processes (purchases, pricing, logistics, and distribution).