A new level in your company's management

Public utilities services, such as supply of water, electricity, gas and transportation, are essential for the development of other sectors and the country's economy.

TOTVS | Consulting offers solutions connected to the most recent changed in this sector: new regulatory requirements, pressure to reduce costs and optimize resources, increase in the demand for quality of services and a scenario with strong acquisitions of global companies and consolidations in some segments.

Our solutions for your company


Routine Management

High requirements in the Utilities industry ask for a management with higher control and follow-up of generated results, especially in what concerns operational indicators and administrative effectiveness.

The Routine Management solution enables the structuring of your company, aiming at better results for each process, whether they concern administration or field operations, always taking into account the effectiveness of the service provision system.

The focus on the key-indicators management for the business and the constant and systematic search for improvement and maintenance of results achieved elevates Utilities companies to a new management and result level.


Strategic Sourcing

The pressure to reduce costs as well as the maintenance of quality level of materials and services are common factors to most companies in the sector.

Strategic Sourcing seeks to reduce real costs through optimized reviews of hiring models, identification of new suppliers with the potential to assist the customer's technical requirements and the deployment of new supply agreements with reduced values.


Maintenance Services Planning

Idle periods can have significant impacts over any company, especially in the Utilities industry. The maintenance services planning is, therefore, an essential component to increase the operation reliability, ensuring the quality expected by the customer.

The Maintenance Service Planning offers a specialized management on resourced, balancing the optimization of costs with the necessary reliability for the business, besides a team with wide experience when planning maintenance services in highly complex operations.