Investments that are essential for your business to evolve

Company are going through a moment of great transformation of economic environment and an important process of changes in work relations challenging companies to evolve their Talent Management model.TOTVS Consulting has a set of solutions for evolving its personnel management model, making it possible to maximize the commitment and performance of its team.

Our solutions for your company


Change Management

For any company undergoing transformation, the work of Change Management makes a cutting edge difference for achieving the planned results consistently and long lasting. Creating actions to make people understand the meaning and purpose of change is as important as the technical and functional definition of the new targeted operational model.

TOTVS Consulting has a complete methodology for treating organizational changes based on mapping the organizational impact generated by change process, addressing them through specific solutions for each audience impacted, employing modern coaching techniques, gamification, and mobile tools for the purpose of facilitating the commitment of the employees to migrate to this new work mode.


HR Transformation

Challenges generated by a globalized market, challenging economically, and composed by new work relations demand Human Resource Management to evolve. TOTVS Consulting can help transform the Human Resource department of your company into an essential partnership, through effective solutions for the challenges of business areas.

In order to do this, it is necessary to reconsider your actuation based on the redefinition of roles and responsibilities, as well as the service model of your internal clients, which can go beyond the traditional model of human resource administration for actuation focused on increasing corporate performance, through the development of programs to increase the ability of the organization to attract, develop, and keep high performance personnel.


Organizational Redesign

Evaluate and propose changes in the organizational structure of the company by understanding its strategic drivers and adopted operational model, tactics, and organizational structure support, and establishing a more effective hierarchical relationship, rationalizing costs, and making the business management model of your company more effective.



Gamification is a powerful tool using game elements and design techniques applied to business challenges, such as adaptation to new technologies, encouraging new kinds of behavior and overall commitment. At TOTVS Consulting, we diagnose the needs of your company and we propose, through games (on-line and on-site), tailor-made solutions for the organizational moment of your company.