Use technology to leverage the competiveness of your company.

The technological solutions of TOTVS Consulting combine a business overview with modern management, project, and information technology integration methods, aligned to strategy and traditional and disruptive technology processes, such as Business Analytics, social medias, mobility, and digital BPM, among others.

Our solutions for your company


IT Strategy

For the purpose of aligning technology to business strategy, increase effectiveness and optimize the utilization of the technological assets of your company, TOTVS Consulting offers System Asset Optimization, Diagnostics, IT Strategic Planning, System Architecture, Governance, and IT Organizational Redesign.


Software Selection

TOTVS Consulting is endowed with broad-based experience in the processes of Software Selection of all types and suppliers, ranging from process mapping and technical and functional requisites to the selection and support for the acquisition of solutions for your business challenge.


Project Management Office (PMO)

The success of a technological project involves much more than just technical aspects. Our project management approach is multidisciplinary and completely focused on business results. With an integrated view of processes, technology, and personnel; we transform the performance of a project into a journey for generating results for your company.


System Integration

The System Integration services of TOTVS Consulting scope ranges from Adherence Analysis, Process Redesign, System Architecture Revision, Project Management Implementation to ERP system integration, customized applications and specialist packages.

Our own method seeks the optimization of the technological assets of the company, mitigate risks and increase the economic efficiency of projects.


Digital Solutions

The purpose is enable the digital transformation of businesses, our integration approach of digital solutions utilizes Design Thinking techniques, Integration Architecture, Pre-Designed Models and Agile Methods for the design and implementation of BPM Digital solutions (business process automation), collaboration, portals, social medias, Business Analytics, and mobile solutions.


Developing Customized System

Focused on the construction of specific applications for each company, Development solution of Customized Systems adopts software engineering methods and tools and project management for approaching the most complex business requisites, ranging from the identification to the construction of the solution and integration to the system architecture of our clients.

Our approach includes the selection of the most appropriate construction methods for each context (Streamlined or Conventional), the use of Design Thinking and the monitoring of a PMO during the course of the entire project.


Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics

The extensive presence of information technology inside and outside of companies has led businesses to become flooded with data, which can be a problem or an advantage, depending on their capacity to deal with these factors.