• To reduce damage, frauds and disallowances
  • To improve cost-benefit of health care plan for customers
  • To measure and size the accredited network
  • To ensure quality of services offered by affiliated providers
  • To increase productivity when transferring to the provider and the associate member

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TOTVS management software has modules as basis that automate Back Office processes for medical cooperatives, such as finances, accounting, tax, accounts payable and accounts receivable.

For your company to have a solution suitable to every need, count on the modules for Core Business. Besides this, you have an extensive portfolio of supplementary solutions at your disposal so you do not have to hire any other partner when it comes to technology.

Core business

Core Business

  • Hospital management
  • Cost management
  • CCIH
  • Healthcare plan management
  • Management of affiliated providers
  • Management of networks of dental and medical clinics
  • Unified electronic record
  • Diagnostic medicine
  • Preventive medicine and health promotion
Core business

Back Office

  • HCM
  • Purchases and supplies
  • Management of contracts
  • Inventory and costs
  • CRM and Call Center
  • Sales and billing
  • Finances
  • Accounting
  • Management of legal department
  • Tax / SPEDs / NF-e
  • Fixed asset
  • Assets maintenance
  • Budget Planning and Control
Core business

Supplementary Solutions

  • ECM (Enterprise Content Management)
  • Workflow / BPM (Business Process Management)
  • Enterprise Social Network
  • ESB (Enterprise Service Bus)
  • Cloud Computing
  • Infrastructure
  • Supplementary Software
  • BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)
  • HR/ Legal / Investments
  • Business Education
  • Management Consulting
  • Marketplace
  • Collaboration
  • Business Analytics