A complete, practical and easy to use solution

Health software for micro enterprises (Personal Med) has a simple and intuitive interface, in addition to customizable resources in full compliance with TISS standards.

With over 35 medical expertise and specific resources for each one, this solution provides advanced modules to make the relationship with the patients the best possible.

Cana de açucar

Complete Back Office system

Full control of your office's billing, finances, inventory and purchases.

22 anos de experiência

More than 20 years of experience

Evolution and knowledge united in a single solution.

Clientes verde

Over 40,000 users

The trust of highly requested software in the industry.

Lider verde

Quick and simple deployment

In a short time and by affordable prices, your office will be fully computerized.

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Additional Services

Prescrição digital

Digital Prescription

A bar code system that ensures more safety to doctors as well as the certainty that the patient received the correct treatment.

Módulos Financeiros

Financial Module

Integration to the other modules for account control, professional onlending, inventory and management of results.

Envio de SMS

SMS sending

Automatic reminders for doctors regarding patients, appointments, return visits and so on.

Paciente Web

Web Patient

Access to the patients' data as well as the agenda to where the doctor is.

Disco Virtual

Virtual Disk

Files stored in TOTVS servers: access via web any time, anywhere.



Access via smartphones and tablets with iOS and Android systems.