Speed and economy in inventory control

Retail software adapts to retailing and wholesale environments as well as and stores network to offer more control, reduce costs, improve purchases processes and manage inventory automatically.

The system also integrates your business key areas, speeds up the information flow and enables quick access to necessary data for management, besides meeting the most important tax requirements.

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Inventory Control

Keep your inventory organized by product grid.

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Issuance and reading of bar codes

Trace all your products' information through the issuance and reading of bar codes.

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Quick and simple deployment

In a short time and by affordable prices, your store will be fully computerized.

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Import of Tax Invoices

Manage products purchases in an automated manner, importing files “.xml”.

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Additional Services

Prescrição digital

Vitrine and Megafashion Integration

Exclusive e-commerce for clothing that enables a simple, fast and easy way to manage your fashion shop online.

Módulos Financeiros

Treasury module

Easily control your store's bank transactions, such as queries, statements, applications and collections.

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Issuance of Electronic Invoice (NF-e) and billing

Issue NF-e and invoices of products circularization and return, besides billing reports.