The TOTVS ERP is complete, flexible and accompanies the growth of your company.

The only ERP capable of serving companies of all segments.

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It is a robust solution that allows you to focus on strategic decisions for your business. It integrates software management, social networks, real-time reporting, among other applications. All areas of your business can be administered on our platform, from cash flow to each of your segment’s specific needs. Now you can have one of the best ERP software solutions in the market, for a low monthly subscription fee, with 100% cloud storage (SaaS), or with traditional storage.

Reasons You Have the TOTVS ERP Solution in Your Company Right Now:

No matter which segment of your business, TOTVS has an ERP that speaks your company's language (and with an accent, through our units across the country).
The most agile and flexible ERP in the market, allowing you to make parameterizations in a simple and easy way.
The only company that offers a portal called Fiscal Space where you stay within all changes in tax and tax legislation.
Quality assurance TOTVS, which serves more than 30 thousand customers throughout Brazil and Latin America.


Accounting Budget management, Support and conversion to 99 currencies, Accounting in up to 9 types of balances, Accounting tracking, Management visions (DRE, DOAR, BP and Cash Flow), Ledger and Journal books, Consolidation of group of companies, units and subsidiaries, Intercompany launches, Compliance FAS52, US GAAP, IFRS and IAS
Financial Chart of Accounts, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Banking Automation, Cash Flow, Applications and Loans, Treasury, Customer Position, Vendor Position and Managerial Analyzes
Inventory / Costs Handling, Inventory Management, Traceability, Average Cost, and Stock Inquiry
Shopping Purchase order, Quotation, Quotation analysis, Purchase order, Purchasing approvals, Physical conference and Invoice

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