From personnel management to human capital management

Make your HR strategic by increasing team productivity

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TOTVS HR solutions are complete and allow the area
to become strategic within the organization

Complete solution with recruitment and selection, positions and salaries, electronic point, medicine and work safety, sheet, performance evaluation and training and development.

Mobility for employees through apps that allow vacation scheduling, subscription requests and payment inquiries.


Payroll Routines updated according to the legislation in force, Management of labor benefits, Flexibility in the creation and parameterization of formulas, Ease of personalizing reports, Totally suited to e-Social, Consistent accounting and financial integration
Electronic Point Point-of-sale mirror, Maintenance of appointments and appointments, Integration with payroll, Release and compensation of the bank hours and Management indicators
Social security and safety Control of EPI's and EPC's, Management of PPRA, PCMSO, CAT and Automatic PPP
Human Capital Management Portal Positions and Salaries, Recruitment and Selection, Performance Evaluation and Training and Development

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